Ward-Edison Professional Cleaning

WE Clean

Custodial Service Position

Louisville, KY

Must demonstrate the ability to: learn and advance progressively and be able to adhere to a demanding cleaning schedule. Specifically, workers within this classification will supply and clean critical and non-critical, administrative, and other support areas of the facility as designated by the company and other tasks as assigned in accordance with contract specifications. Although you are initially assigned to a primary work area you may be re-assigned as needed to periodic rotation by the supervisor and/or management without prior notice to meet the needs of the contract and/or facility. All equipment must be inspected and cleaned after each use.

Must be able to use light-to-heavy weight cleaning equipment such as commercial vacuum cleaners, wet mops, brooms, dust mops, wringers and buckets, wet vacuums, wall scrubbing tools, step ladders window washing tools, maid carts, trash barrels, and medium-to-large capacity dumpster carts. Additional equipment used may include but is not limited to rotary buffing and burnishing machines, auto scrubbers, rotary and extracting carpet shampooing machines. Will perform special and/or specific cleaning tasks included but not limited to administrative area cleaning, dusting horizontal surfaces, emptying and removing light to heavy trash, damp wiping and dry dusting furniture and other fixtures, cleaning/polishing and sanitizing metal and porcelain bathroom fixtures, dry and wet mopping of resilient floor surfaces, light to heavy wall scrubbing, routine spot washing of walls and windows, replenishing of room supplies, vacuuming of carpeted surfaces, facility emergency response, minor to serious non-hazardous calls for spills including interior water related floor situation, high dusting, hand scrubbing of showers, bathrooms and restrooms, tiled ceramic floors and walls and hand scrubbing of hard floor surfaces.

Education Requirements: No educational requirements are necessary. Although a basic understanding of the English language is required.